5 Things to Love About the New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer

Star Lord looking dramatic
Maybe now they'll call me Star-Lord!

So by now, your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and every other social media outlet you’re wired into has probably been littered with pictures and video due to the release of The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser trailer. In only one minute of random shots and scenes we got a sampling of the epic adventure that awaits our heroes (well, not heroes… more like, “not the bad guys”).

5 Things To Love About the New Guardians Teaser Trailer
Step 1: Insert cassette. Step 2: Press PLAY. Step 3: DANCE OFF!

So, while some will dissect the new teaser frame by frame to try and scrape out any little detail they can get their hands on, I’m taking a different approach. Let’s look at five things that caught my eye following multiple viewings of the trailer, things that will hopefully get fleshed out even more once we get a full trailer, or when the movie actually gets released next May. So…here we go.



1. It Looks Visually Stunning

5 Things To Love About the New Guardians Teaser Trailer
Man… I should have brought my camera!

Now this is obviously the biggest “no duh” statement I could have made. The first Guardians outing was filled with amazing landscapes and seemingly unimaginable settings. I mean, James Gunn created a civilization living inside the head of an ancient Celestial. However, it seems he turned his creative juices up to eleven.

Star-Lord looking into the vastness of… who knows what.

A wide shot of Gamora showing off her warrior skills in front of a mini-star(?).

Slow motion Ravagers exploding right into your face.

Gunn is perfectly capturing the magnitude of infinite space by creating big, bright settings for of heroes to explore. If you thought Vol. 1 was a sight to see… then hold onto your butts.

2. They Have an Actual Mission

5 Things To Love About the New Guardians Teaser Trailer
Lets hope there are no Ewoks on this planet!

Aside from a bevy of glory shots, there was one quick sequence: Gamora, Drax and Peter Quill exiting a ship (that doesn’t appear to be the Milano… but you can’t base that on one quick image) onto a forest planet. Complete with backpacks and other gear, the Guardians are here on a mission. Unlike the first movie, where everyone put their differences aside to stop Ronan, there looks to be a specific mission here. Could this be where they find Mantis? Or is Peter trying to track down his father (Ego, played in the movie by Kurt Russell)? Vol 2. is apparently setting itself up to show the Guardians functioning as a team, instead of being a collection of losers (Quill’s words, not mine) who end up in the wrong place and the wrong time.

3. Wait… Is it Raining Ravagers?

5 Things To Love About the New Guardians Teaser Trailer
Well this wasn’t in the forecast!

By far, this is the one image I’ve been driven back to again and again: Rocket and Yondu (with his even bigger mohawk!) casually strolling through a warehouse, while it’s raining Ravagers around them. Aside from being a treat for the eyes, it raises a bunch of questions about what is actually happening in this scene. My best guess? This is the moment Yondu breaks away from The Ravagers to join The Guardians, and Rocket leads a recuse mission to free him. Think of it as the prison scene from the first movie, just with bodies floating in a different direction. Let’s see if Rocket needs anyone’s legs to complete this breakout!

4. A Nicer, ‘Cuddlier’ Drax?

5 Things to Love About the New Guardians Teaser Trailer
Let’s hug it out Bro

Possibly the biggest WTF moment in the one-minute-and-twenty-four-second preview involved the destructive and powerful Drax the Destroyer. When we last saw him, he was wreaking havoc on Ronan’s guys and completely oblivious to any puns thrown his way. While his sense of humor (or lack thereof) seems fully intact, his caring for his friends has done a complete 180. He not only offered Quill some solid dating advice, but completed their conversation with a hug. What happened to the savage warrior from the first movie? Perhaps he has to watch his temper now that there’s a baby Groot on board.

5. Baby Groot Looks Adorable

5 Things to Love About the New Guardians Teaser Trailer

Speaking of Baby Groot….you didn’t think he’d escape this article without being mentioned, did you? After getting a look at all the returning characters from the first movie (even Nebula has her moment), the teaser ends with a cute baby Groot popping out from behind Rocket. Apparently, their relationship has come full circle. No longer is Rocket riding the big tree’s shoulders; now, it’s the Raccoon’s job to carry the the sentient sprout! If only we could have heard the voice Vin Diesel has been practicing for the role. Perhaps when the full trailer gets released!

So what are your thoughts on the new trailer? Did anything peak your interest, or was there something major I missed? Let us know in the comments section and let’s get the Guardians Vol. 2 discussion started!