Bill Nye’s Preference: Star Trek Versus Star Wars


Bill Nye, the brain-wizard that brought the magic of science to any Nineties kid, has finally weighed on on the titanic struggle between space franchises. Who does he prefer? Does he prefer the slick-backed coolness of Star Wars or does he lean towards the universe-spanning peace missions of Star Trek? Surprise, surprise! Bill Nye that Science Guy prefers Star Trek over Star Wars! Craziness, but what does he have to say about it?

“Star Wars has magic in it… it’s really about family conflicts, and it’s Shakespearean… you know, there’s commoners and all powerful kings, essentially. But in Star Trek, it’s an optimistic view of the future with science,” stated Bill Nye. “They have anti-matter contained in magnetic fields… which is a real thing, but in Star Wars it’s just magic and they have wings and there are sound effects in space… The Force is like a ghost or magic.”

Ouch. Perhaps Bill Nye is just upset that he was never recruited as a Padawan? Joking aside, Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues its march forward with a haul of over a billion dollars. Let’s see science explain that one away, fancy-pants! I wonder how many people got through this article without launching into Bill Nye’s theme song? (Science Rules!)