Somebody Made a Real Burning Lightsaber


We finally get one step closer to re-enacting all of our childhood dreams! A Youtube video showing somebody utilizing the power of science has finally re-created a burning lightsaber.

Sure, we all have those plastic fold out ones or the fluorescent light tube ones, but come on…we all want the real thing! Sure, amputees will probably sky rocket but that’s the price to pay for this sort of thing. Speaking of, we should all probably invest in the prosthetic limb industry. Any-who, check out the above video where chemistry is used to create a super-sweet real lightsaber! It is certainly a lot more ‘real’ than those ‘hoverboards’ they’ve been trying to sling over the holiday shopping seasons. Look people, those things don’t hover and aren’t of the ‘board’ format! Argh.

Tangent aside, the video outlines how the person made said real lightsaber and then a couple examples of its awesome power. We aren’t quite at the stage of sawing through blast doors but at least it is a start! Hopefully, we’ll have fully functioning lightsabers by the time the zombie apocalypse hits. Also, is there a Kickstarter or something we can do to make sure that ‘The Star Wars kid’ gets this? He’ll be able to defend us from Darth Maul!