Captain Marvel Is the Bridge Between Two Worlds in the MCU

Captain Marvel Is the Bridge Between Two Worlds in the MCU
Coming to put the broken MCU back together again
Captain Marvel Is the Bridge Between Two Worlds in the MCU
Wear THIS, and become the narrative bridge!

Comic Book Movie Fans! We are nearly one year away from one of the biggest cinematic events in recorded history. On May 4th, 2018, Avengers: Infinity War will be released. The movie landscape will never be the same again when seemingly every actor in Hollywood will be crammed into a three-hour extravaganza. However, of all the characters that will emerge in this Avengers outing, one might just be more important than all others.

It’s going to be hard to single out one character since there will be so many to choose from. Iron Man will of course be front and center. Same with Captain America, Thor, probably Black Widow and maybe even Spider-Man. Don’t discount the Guardians of the Galaxy from being major players as well; Star-Lord, Groot, and perhaps Yondu might get their moments to shine. Still, there is one fresh face that could serve as the linchpin for the entire movie: Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers.

Captain Marvel Is the Bridge of the MCU
She’s coming to piece together the broken MCU.

It’s been nearly a year since Oscar winner Brie Larson was cast as the Kree DNA-infused superhero. The character is expected to make her debut in Infinity War, prior to her solo film set for 2019. Talking to Yahoo Movies, Larson spoke about her opportunity to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how Captain Marvel will fit in with the rest of the colorful characters.

Well, quite simply, she’s kind of like the bridge between these two worlds. She’s the bridge between what’s happening up in space and what’s happening down on Earth.

That’s a much bigger reveal than perhaps Larson meant it to be. It seems innocuous, but it could point out that Carol Danvers will already be familiar with the happenings in the galaxy prior to appearing in Infinity War. This means that much like Blank Panther in Civil War, Captain Marvel will already have her powers/identity instead of filmmakers trying to flesh out her backstory alongside the rest of the Infinity War story. If that’s the case, it’s a smart play (no more origin stories!). Especially since Captain Marvel will be going through her own personal journey in the movie.

She’s coming to terms with these different parts of herself. There’s a lot of humanity in her, and she is such a strong believer in truth and in peace. I think that’s an incredible symbol to have right now.

Captain Marvel Is the Bridge Between Two Worlds in the MCU
Kicking ass and taking names since 2018.

Sounds like someone will get along just perfectly with Captain America. However, it remains to be seen how she’ll hang with the rest of The Avengers. Danvers just can’t show up randomly and get immediately thrust into the action (that already happened with Ant-Man); she’s too important to the future of the MCU. Also, if she’s connecting the dots between Avengers and Guardians, the Captain Marvel arc in Infinity War is going to have to be substantial.

So, does that mean we’re going to see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel prior to next year’s Infinity War?

The door should be wide open for a Carol Danvers appearance in any MCU movie coming out this year. While Spider-Man: Homecoming would be a long shot, Thor: Ragnarok and especially Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 should be contenders. Captain Marvel probably won’t factor into either movie’s actual story line, but would be a perfect candidate for a mid-credits or post-credits scene. It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Larson was announced as the official Captain Marvel at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The announcement was made immediately following the Guardians of the Galaxy panel. Right there next to Yondu and during the MCU cast picture stood the recent Oscar winner and Marvel’s newest acquisition. She showed up just in time for potential reshoots for the movie and could have been worked into a scene if needed (ala Josh Brolin’s Thanos in the first Guardians). If Danvers is going to be crucial to getting The Guardians of the Galaxy involved with The Avengers, we’re going to have to see Captain Marvel and Star-Lord meet up beforehand, right?

Captain Marvel Is the Bridge Between Two Worlds in the MCU
Larson seems to fit right in with the rest of Marvel coalition.

There are just over 400 days until Avengers: Infinity War. There will be Hulks and Hawkeyes alongside Rockets and Gamoras. Right smack-dab in the middle will be the (potentially) debuting Carol Danvers. We still don’t know exactly how her character will factor into the events, but thanks to the woman behind the role we do know that Captain Marvel will be the glue that binds all of our favorite heroes together. Not bad for a newbie!