Connecting the Stan Lee Dots in the MCU


He could be the real “original” Avenger. The only man who appeared in every Marvel movie to date (including others not directly tied into the MCU), Stan Lee is a comic book god. His appearances in comic book movies have become a welcomed running gag that will hopefully continue for as many Phases as Marvel plans to roll out. But could all these Stan Lee appearances be connected? According to The Lamppost – who went about connecting the Stan Lee dots – they most certainly are.

Connecting The Stan Lee Dots in The MCU
I am the only constant!

In case you don’t have the time to watch the eight minute video (which I suggest you do), here’s a quick breakdown: Stan Lee continues to travel around the country (and at one point England) to escape the wrath of The Avengers. This included stops at his home for a drink (Incredible Hulk)… New Mexico (Thor)… New York City (The Avengers) and Washington D.C. (The Winter Soldier). No matter where he goes, Lee gets mixed up in the chaos. It’s the worst case of coincidence ever.

But what about The First Avenger, you say? Well… the video does clarify that, by simply turning the 1940’s version into… “Stan Lee Sr.” That explains how he saw Captain America Mark 1. Sadly, it turned out Stan Lee Sr. was kidnapped by Ravagers and taken to Xandar (where he could be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy). It’s a fun video that ties everything Stan Lee has done into one storyline, but I’d like to think it’s simpler than that.

Is Uatu an anagram for Stan Lee?? Well…no.

I agree with the old theory that Stan Lee is really Uatu the Watcher, an ancient being tasked to keep an eye on Earth and its solar system (which I guess includes Xandar as well). Now the problem with actually saying Lee is Uatu the Watcher… is that Fox owns the rights, since his first appearance was in an issue of The Fantastic Four. So really… Fox should just turn over the FF rights to Marvel so we can finally confirm Lee’s true MCU role. (Plus, get a good Fantastic Four movie in the process).

While Lee may not actually have a real role – and instead just be a running Easter Egg for fans – it’s always fun to think where he’ll pop up in a future Marvel movie. For example, what exactly will Lee’s role be in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War?

If I had to put money on it, I bet Lee will show up as a diplomat meeting with T’Challa, or Stark. Perhaps he’ll even be a General alongside Thunderbolt Ross before he interrogates the New Avengers? If I could get my way, Lee would be a super-powered version of himself stuck inside the Raft prison we saw in previous Civil War trailers! A super-powered Lee screaming “Excelsior” at Tony Stark? Who doesn’t want to see that?

Connecting The Stan Lee Dots in The MCU
You talkin’ to ME???

No matter how Lee shows up, it’s always a good time when he shows up (unless he tries drinking with Thor.) Let’s hope for plenty of future MCU movies, where Stan Lee can “watch” over the rest of the Marvel Universe. EXCELSIOR!!!