DC’s Cyborg Takes The Spotlight


The above clip comes to us from DC Comics’ special last night that laid the groundwork for their anticipated cinematic universe. We saw all kinds of fantastic goodies from hosts Kevin Smith and Geoff Johns which included information on Flash, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Cyborg! Cyborg is a more recent addition to the Justice League but his inclusion is necessary and he is definitely one of the keystones of the team! The keystone that throws off a wi-fi signal and has USB ports would be my guess.

Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, said “He is a ‘technopath’ which means he can just interface seamlessly with anything technological. His greatest weakness is actually trying not to succumb to the technology. Trying to stay human.” Kevin Smith brings up a good point as well; in this era of technology, Cyborg has a tremendous amount of power. The character was made decades ago but technology has come a lot farther than 8-tracks and vacuum tubes. Now Cyborg has the power of social media! I wonder if that means he’ll ‘swat’ somebody? That’s what the internet does, right? That and kittens. One thing is for certain though…that Justice League movie is going to be awesome in the literal sense of the word.