New Batman V Superman Footage from ‘Dawn of the Justice League!’


Last night’s DC/Warner Bros. TV special, Dawn of the Justice League, was a HUGE DC download presenting new, never before seen footage of highly anticipated DC movies! We saw actual film footage from Wonder Woman, a full, brand new trailer from Suicide Squad, interviews with additional Justice League actors, and the main event: additional imagery and commentary for DC’s filmic keystone, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Yep, in the excerpted video above from the aforementioned special, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Writer/Director Kevin Smith granted us a little canonical history interspersed with insightful cast interviews! YAY!

The Smith/Johns discussion began with offering insights on the Man of Steel, Superman, which lead to actor Henry Cavill’s elaboration on Superman’s dilemma at the start of Batman V Superman.

“Superman has made the leap, and now he’s out there for everyone to call judgement on.” Yep, Superman’s being taken to task by the US Government and..I think he’s representing himself, which is NOT a good idea.

Cavill was also asked about Superman’s perspective on a certain Dark Knight, stating, “Superman sees Batman as a criminal. Brutal and unforgiving.”

The Smith/Johns Discussion then moved to Batman, portrayed by Ben Affleck. What kind of Batman/Bruce Wayne are we getting in Batman V Superman? According to Affleck, “He’s older, darker, more world weary.”

And then the discussion focused on the film’s antagonist (at least one of them), Lex Luthor. Actor Jesse Eisenberg offered Luthor’s opinion on the two very tenacious, contentious titans.

“Lex feels competitive with Bruce Wayne. He’s learned everything about him. Lex hates Superman, learned everything about him.”

Batman V Superman director, Zack Snyder, continued to elaborate on Eisneberg’s Luthor, offering, “He’s kind of a puppet master, kind of controlling these two heroes, forcing them into conflict.”

Man OH MAN! This movie looks freaking amazing!