Deadpool Celebrates Australia Day!


Did you ever want to see a psychotic, masked American try an Australian accent, act like he understands a culture and fidget with a hat for 15 seconds? Well, you can check that off your bucket list right now thanks to the Merc with a Mouth. Ryan Reynolds released a video commemorating Australia Day and absolutely nailed it! To be honest, the majority of the video is really just Deadpool fidgeting with his hat. Oh, Deadpool.

Of course, Deadpool can’t give a compliment without busting chops. The absolute best part is when he starts taking jabs at X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Apparently, the only issue Deadpool has with Australia is that they “gave us Wolverine.” Furthermore, he takes it to the next level by stating that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was, “A career low for me” (insert laughing and crying emoji here). I guess Ryan Reynolds forgot about his CGIed Green Lantern performance. At least this suit isn’t green and animated. But yes, Mr. Reynolds, Australia Day is an actual thing.

Check out Ryan Reynolds practicing his Australian accent by imitating Hugh Jackman. Yes, this was from back in November, but it’s oddly relevant again.

Well done, Ryan. Well done indeed.