Deadpool Vies for an Oscar Nomination with “For Your Consideration” Video

Deadpool Vies for an Oscar Nomination with
Deadpool Vies for an Oscar Nomination with "For Your Consideration" Video
Wear THIS, and maybe after years of rejection you produce an Oscar-worthy film!

Look, the skinny here is this: Deadpool, the movie, seems to be receiving an awful lot of attention due to its award nominations. Yes, it lost a Golden Globe nomination to some silly, nonsensical musical that entertained as effectively as it roasted carrots (I’m looking at you, La La Land), but it scored a Producers Guild of America (PGA) “Best Film” nomination, so the dang thing is effectively Oscar worthy!

Yep, with all these close brushes with prestigious awards, there’s been serious, serious talk regarding recognition at the Academy Awards; it seems Deadpool, the movie, is looking to draw prestige to the oft-belittled comic book movie genre.

In a move to whet the appetite of Academy judges currently suffering from a deficiency in Vitamin DP, Deadpool created his very own “For Your Consideration” video. So, judges and judge-etts, please take a moment to view the below video, and consider Deadpool, the movie, for the “BESTEST MOVIE EVER” category at this year’s Academy Awards. OBSERVE!

Seriously, how could you deny a film sporting 600lbs. of Chimichangas, 4 pairs of assless chaps, 12 humiliating minutes (on a casting couch), 117 script pages, 465 ad libs (pronounced “four-hundred-fifty-six”), 2 nerds, 7 magical unicorns, 3 good walls and a 4th that’s broken, 42 rejection letters from FOX, 1 leaked video, and 783 million fans???

Holy F###!


So, do YOU think Deadpool is Oscar-worthy? SOUND OFF!