Does Wonder Woman Visit Gotham City? According to This Movie Image….


…it looks like she does, yes. An intrepid reporter from our friends at procured an image from the set of Warner Brothers’ forthcoming Wonder Woman film. This image shows Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) amidst a city landscape, standing beside an armored, Wayne Enterprises security vehicle. Wait. Isn’t Wonder Woman supposed to take place during WWI? Yes, Gotham existed during the world’s first major war and so did cars (old-timey cars), but not a vehicle this modern looking. So, does Wonder Woman visit Gotham City? Yes, but what’s the time period, and what’s the specific narrative behind said visit? First, let’s check out that image:

Now, let’s speculate:

1. The movie is not only tasked with sharing her history, it’s tasked with linking her backstory directly to the events of Batman V Superman. Is she skulking about Gotham after hearing rumors of a certain Dark Knight? Being an immortal, and more than likely born of divinity, I’m sure her thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom (plus a god-brain) allowed her to put two and two together, leading to an investigation of Wayne Enterprises and its somewhat brooding – and awkwardly munificent – corporate head, Bruce Wayne. Maybe this is why she jumps in to save him specifically when Doomsday throws his fit and begins charging his continent-dividing face laser. Why did she start looking into Batman in the first place?

a. She’s a 5000-year-old retired superhero and she’s bored as hell.

b. She’s curious about this particular anomaly that, unfortunately, reminds her of a mixture of Hades and Ares. She might need to curb-stomp this particular mortal if she finds his methods revolting….or lacking the necessary follow through.

2. This is a scene tying to events immediately after Batman V Superman. She and Bruce presided over the burial of Superman’s genuine remains and, both vigorously inspired by Superman’s sacrifice, they agreed to locate other, super-powered anomalies in order to prepare for….something dark and ominous. Perhaps this scene in the above image hints at an expanded discussion between Bruce and Diana; they’re getting to know each other while strategizing an approach to rounding up said anomalies. And maybe, just maybe, the Wonder Woman film is the accompanying imagery of Diana’s history as she recounts it to Bruce. Hmmm. Interesting.

The truck? Hell, she could be driving it at Bruce’s behest, accompanying some high-tech equipment designed to defeat an omni-powerful, freewill-killing space god. Yup.

So, why is Wonder Woman in Gotham? Let me know below!