Elizabeth Olsen Talks Civil War

Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen, known for her role as the Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron, is now a part of the greater cinematic Marvel Universe. Her next appearance is in Captain America: Civil War and in a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, she further elaborated what it is like to be a part of such a monumental movie! When asked what it was like to work on Civil War, Olsen responded, “It’s movie magic! You step on set, and you get to work with the best of the best. These people go and they end up working on something smaller in between a lot of times. You get to work with the best DPs, you get to work with the best camera operators. You get to work with the best stunt people. You get to work with the best costume designers. It’s just cool because you’re around so much talent. It’s also a whole other learning experience of how to perform in those kinds of films, because it is different. Many people say that it’s the same preparation, it’s the same character development, it’s the same that kind of work, but on set, it’s just different. It’s just larger, it’s not intimate, it’s just different. To watch [Robert] Downey and [Chris] Hemsworth and Scarlett [Johansson] and [Chris] Evans and [Mark] Ruffalo and watch how they deal with that and kind of absorb that information, I feel like I get a little master class every day.”

The interviewer then asked Elizabeth Olsen what it was like to work on her impressive repertoire of indie films, which is pretty much the exact opposite of a titanic movie like Civil War and Avengers. “It’s such a team atmosphere, and there is such adrenaline that goes to it. You never want to leave set. You always want to be there for the light change; you want to be there for the new camera set up. You don’t want a stand-in to stand in for you when they line up the shot. You’re like, ‘I’ll stand here. I can stand here. I’ve got two legs’. There is so much adrenaline and so much collaboration. There’s really just one goal. There’s an integrity of the director, integrity of the artist, integrity of the DP, and everyone’s communicating together, and there isn’t another hand that’s trying to, not impede, because sometimes another hand is helpful, but it’s just that — you are all in very nice communication with each other, and everything is hopefully transparent. It’s just a really creative environment.