Fan Starts Petition to Cast Shia LaBeouf as Batman’s Red Hood

Shia LeBeouf Just Do It collage

Shia surprise! Shia LaBeouf can be somewhat of a controversial figure. While he’s not busy digging holes, telling us to “just do it,” or becoming a living art exhibit, Shia LaBeouf is becoming a serious method actor. Have you seen Fury? He pulled out his own teeth to match the role! Guess he’s trying to give Daniel Day Lewis a run for his money. Any-who, apparently a fan has taken to Change.Org and started a new petition! What’s said petition? How about to cast Shia as Batman’s Red Hood in the DC Expanded Universe!

Shia Lebeouf
He’s gaining on you.

Who is the Red Hood? In a nutshell, he was the second Robin known as Jason Todd. Batman caught him trying to steal the hubcaps off of the Batmobile and figured the kid had enough gumption to be the second Robin. Unfortunately for him, Jason Todd met a rather twisted fate at the end of a crowbar but due to the machinations of a Lazarus Pit and/or Superboy Ret-Punch he came back into the existence. The side effect though was Jason Todd became a completely different person hosting a burning hatred for criminals and Batman alike.

I guess it is for those reasons that a certain fan thought Shia LaBeouf would be perfect for the role…either that or he wanted to watch him get beat with a crowbar. Joking aside, the fan’s actual reasons are listed below and as they were written (we didn’t correct a thing!):

  • Shia labeouf is willing to go the distance to be the best that his character can be in recent films
  • Its a opportunity for him to show the world what an amazing actor he can truly be if you Just give him a chance to Be this character
    help him get from one of the most looked down upon actors in Hollywood to one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood because of this role
  • Ben affleck was hated by so many people because he was cast as batman and now he is loved by many after they say what an amazing performance Ben affleck could do as batman
  • Shia labeouf is truly one of the most talented actors in Hollywood if you seen his recent films
  • If you know the character Jason Todd aka red hood And if you know Shia labeouf the then u can see how similar they are in and how perfect this casting choice is for Shia labeouf

If that sounds like something you could get behind (and it should be), then mosey on over to Change.Org and sign the petition! As of the writing of this article, the petition is sitting just under 500 but we can do so much more. Yesterday you said today and now is the chance to follow your dreams. JUST DO IT!


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