Our First Doctor Strange Set Pictures

Doctor Strange
Dr Strange thinking deep thoughts!

Behold, Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme! Benedict Cumberbatch was recently spotted in Nepal and it looks like we get our first good look at the direction of the movie that is going to help kick off Marvel’s Phase 3! Such power. Below is a great collection of official images and stealthily taken cell-phone pictures featuring the infamous Doctor Strange. Personally, I rather like that his original color scheme can be perceived from this current incarnation and I really hope that they play up the magic aspect of his character. I know that they were talking about quantum mechanics in Thor 2 but come on…less science and more lightning bolt-lightning bolt- lightning bolt! I’ve seen the ‘Science Bros’ in action; now is the time to see somebody pull a rabbit out of a hat…and then throw that rabbit…and then that rabbit explode into snakes…and then those snakes turn into liquid fire which burns like acid and shadow…which then leave the room smelling like sandalwood! Hooray! That is how magic works, right, Doctor Strange?