First Look at Civil War’s Baron Zemo [and more new images!]

First Look at Civil War's Baron Zemo [and more new images!]

It’s crazy to think that in only three weeks Captain America: Civil War will burst into our lives. In the weeks leading up to its release, we’ve been introduced to nearly every character in the movie, including MCU newcomer Spider-Man. Everyone had been accounted for, expect main villain Baron Zemo…until now. Yep, we just got our very first look at Civil War’s Baron Zemo, and he looks surprisingly…studious.

Entertainment Weekly debuted their summer movie preview issue, which obviously was going to be Avengers-heavy. Included, a new crop of pictures giving us our first look at Daniel Brühl’s previously unseen Baron Zemo.

First Look at Civil War's Baron Zemo
I’m also a tutor!

Looks less like a Marvel antagonist and more like your high school chemistry teacher. The article describes Helmut Zemo as, “a mysterious, manipulative figure who is positioning the heroes against each other. Why? We know, but can’t say. It’s too much of a spoiler.

First Look at Civil War's Baron Zemo
Uh….mask, please.

Wait… no purple mask. NO PURPLE MASK!!! While the appearance may not be what fans were expecting, Co-Director Joe Russo says Baron Zemo will still draw imagery from his comic counterpart. “He’ still similar to what you know of Zemo, a revenge character.”

But revenge for whom? HYDRA? Maybe the Red Skull? There are plenty of possibilities for Zemo’s motives, but what we do know is who will be assigned to stop him. Once again E-Dubs delivered a new look at some of our favorite characters appearing in Civil War.

First Look at Civil War's Baron Zemo
The Falcon!

Great action shot of Anthony Mackie. But that seems to be a lot of smoke surrounding him. What kind of dire situation has Falcon gotten himself into this time?

First Look at Civil War's Baron Zemo
The Black Panther!

T’Challa looking all business here. We’ve seen plenty of shots of him inside his Black Panther suit; it’s good to see we’ll be meeting the man behind the mask as well. We even know how he’s thrown into this superhero mess. Chadwick Boseman told the magazine,”He (T’Challa) comes into it because, as a world leader, there is a need to make sure there is some sort of control over these superpowers.”

First Look at Civil War's Baron Zemo
Team Cap!

The showdown between Team Cap and Team Iron Man is reportedly an epic encounter. From this image, it looks like no one is thrilled to be going up against their fellow Avengers. Also, you have to feel bad for Ant-Man… he’s the only one with a mask on.

First Look at Civil War's Baron Zemo

HOLD THE PHONE!!! The Vision rocking the sweater/collared shirt combo? I guess it was business casual at the Avengers facility. If a preppy Vision isn’t going to get you excited, then nothing will. May 6th can’t get here soon enough.

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