Force Awakens Opens in China: Continues the Dominance

Star Wars flags

Cue up the Imperial March because Star Wars: The Force Awakens steams forward, earning another 41.6 million dollars over the weekend and opening in China. Slightly ahead of the freshly released The Revenant starring a grizzled Leonardo DiCaprio and non-masked Tom Hardy, The Force Awakens total now comes to 812 million dollars domestically. For those of you keeping records that is the most money a film has ever made within the good ol US of A and certainly won’t be an easy record to beat. That is until the next Star Wars movie comes out! The previous record was set at 800 million so who knows…we may see Force Awakens end up making over 1 billion dollars domestically.

However, the real news is that Star Wars: The Force Awakens just released in China over the weekend and to no surprise ended up setting a record there! Now currently holding the biggest weekend movie opening, Star Wars raked in an impressive 53 million dollars. That brings the global take home for Force Awakens to 1.73 billion dollars and it has overtaken Jurassic World for the 3rd spot globally. The next movie to beat would be Titanic which made 2.19 billion dollars and Avatar which holds the top spot globally with 2.79 billion dollars. Pretty impressive numbers if you ask me! I think Force Awakens will beat Titanic but it still has another billion dollars to clear Avatar! One can only hope, right?