Hasbro and Paramount to Create Expanded Movie Universe!


Paramount Pictures announced today that it will be joining with Hasbro’s Allspark Films to create an expanded, interconnected movie universe involving a selection of Hasbro properties. The five properties chosen to participate in a shared, onscreen universe are G.I. Joe, Micronauts, MASK, Visionaries and ROM. Wait a second. ROM?? Yes, ROM Spaceknight. Too late, Marvel.

Allspark Pictures, the film division of Hasbro Toys, will produce the film, with Brian Goldner (Hasbro President, Chairman and CEO), Stephen Davis (Hasbro Executive VP and Chief Content Officer) and Josh Feldman (head of Film Development) putting their exceptionally creative noggins together to combine fresh narratives and create a newly expanded, shared universe.

Brad Grey, the chairman and CEO of Paramount, commented on the positivity of the deal, reflected on past Paramount and Hasbro successes, and expressed an apparent eagerness to perpetuate the collaborative efforts in all future, filmic endeavors.

“Paramount and Hasbro have had a longstanding relationship and we’re proud of the success we’ve enjoyed on the Transformers and G.I. Joe franchises. We’re excited to grow our agreement and make even more movies based upon these popular and powerful Hasbro characters and their worlds.”

Brian Goldner chimed in, sharing Grey’s obvious positivity.

“Hasbro and Allspark Pictures put storytelling at the center of everything that we do. These brands are filled with memorable stories and vivid characters, and this universe creates a framework for how they will become interconnected. Extending our partnership with Paramount allows us to continue our long-term strategy and overall vision to build dynamic worlds for all of our brands, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them as we develop these properties.”


So, ready for a G.I. Joe film where they team up with MASK and the Micronuats to fight the newly corrupted Visionaries before they unearth and reprogram ROM Spaceknight to perform planet-wide acts of unbridled destruction? Yes! Me, too!



  1. OH God this is the worst idea I have ever heard of. G.I.Joe has enough characters and stuff you could do a movie universe of it alone.

    M.A.S.K. is a neat idea to do movies with, but I don’t think they should integrate it into anything else.

    Visionaries and ROM, no thank you, especially when you want to merge them with the other 2.

    • Scott! I have seen all these cartoons in my childhood! And I agree with you in one thing, is true you could make enough stand alone movies with each. But! An expanded universe with all of them is just ” AWESOME ”
      And I will repeat this : ” TOO LATE, MARVEL! ” and ” DC, NO CHANCE! “

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