Hugh Jackman on Wolverine’s Last Movie


It is going to be a sad day when we see Hugh Jackman put down his Adamantium skeleton! We’ve all heard that the next Wolverine movie will be the last appearance of Marvel’s beloved mutant badger Wolverine…or at least for Hugh Jackman! Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in the above video, Hugh Jackman shares his thoughts and gives us an update to the current state of the script! Don’t feel like watching the video? Then just read this snippet below!

“I don’t have a start date because, we’re not going to have start dates until we have that script perfect. It matters too much to me, I care too much about the character, about the audience, and when you say it’s going to be your last one… I just want to leave everything on the table, absolutely everything.”

So I guess we still have a bit of time before we get any more updates on Wolverine 3, but at least they are taking their time and making sure that everything is sweet! What kind of story do you think we will get? Will we see a Death of Wolverine arc? What about Old Man Logan? How about one where he sits around and critiques the movie Monster Squad while doing the ‘Mystery Science Theater 2000’ thing. Yeah!