Important Plot Details Revealed for Transformers: The Last Knight. Maybe.

Important Plot Details Revealed for Transformers: The Last Knight. Maybe.

Our friends at JoBlo have a “source” with apparent access to some serious character and plot information regarding the forthcoming, 5th installment of transforming robot-soldiers raining hell on planet Earth (specifically, your above-ground pool): Transformers: The Last Knight. Firstly, if any of this is even moderately factual, we’re entering SPOILER TERRITORY! STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW! Still with me? Fine…here we go.

1. The story focuses on Optimus Prime traveling back to Cyberton and discovering he was the party responsible for Cybertron’s death/destruction. WHOOPS!

2. There’s a way to save the planet, but it involves the procurement of a special, mystical artifact connected to….uh…. Merlin. Yes, Merlin the Wizard from f###ing King Arthur’s Court. WHAT???

3. To elaborate on point #2, JoBlo’s source adds, “The power of magic was given to Merlin by a Transformer and somehow the artifact ties into this.” What’s the artifact? Well, the source doesn’t name it, but there’s a g-darn sword in the logo, so….EXCALIBUR? WHAT THE F##K??????

4. On Earth, Bumblebee is leading the Autobots (including Hound, Crosshairs, and Drift).

5. The Dinobots are back! And they brought…uh…”mini-Dinobots” with them!

6. We’ll meet “The Creator,” who’s tied the the Transformers’ mysterious origins.

7. Good grief.

So, if ANY of this is true, what do you think? Is mixing British mythology with the Transformers a good move? A sensible move? A….uh…completely ridiculous move? Sound off!