Internal Response to Batman V Superman Not Promising

Batman V Superman

According to a video report published last Thursday from Hitfix reporter Drew McWeeny, the initial, internal response to DC’s forthcoming flagship release, Batman V Superman, has been surprisingly lackluster. Because of this unexpectedly unfavorable response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC might have to do some serious shifting and shuffling if Batman V Superman isn’t the magnificent, universe-galvanizing hit it was intended to be.

A few things McWeeny said during the report that scares the hell out of me:

“This movie is starting to scare [Warner Bros.],” McWeeny said, citing unnamed sources. “Response has not been exactly what I think they wanted.”

If Batman V Superman “does not meet expectations, he predicted “seismic shifts” at Warner Bros., stating that the movie will have to “make a billion dollars for people to keep their jobs.”

Apparently, DC is very confident in Suicide Squad (Aug. 5) and Wonder Woman, allowing their scheduled release dates to continue as planned. However, if Batman V Superman under-performswell, McWeeny points to “seismic shifts.”

Okay, so what are these “seismic shifts”? McWeeny reports that the biggest one might be swapping Justice League Part One for the first Ben Affleck Batman film. That’s right; Justice League Part One could be rescheduled, retooled, or held off indefinitely if Batman V Superman doesn’t deliver an encouraging iteration of the “World’s Finest” superhero duo.

Now, this can be taken with a grain of salt; McWeeny’s sources are, as previously mentioned, “unnamed.” But…the guy has a knack for being accurate on occasion.

So, what do YOU think? If McWeeny’s sources are accurate, does that mean we should prepare ourselves to be severely disappointed on March 25th?  Good, grief; I really want to like this film. In fact, I’m going to ignore this article completely and like it anyway.

Then, to further spite this article, I’m going to purchase something from our line of Batman V Superman merchandise. Yup.

Debuting March 25, 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne. Oh, and probably a lot of unhappy citizens caught in the crossfire when Superman and Batman indulge in a pee-pee contest.


  1. I have never in my entire life, seen a bigger moron talk “Hitfix reporter Drew McWeeny”.
    ““make a billion dollars for people to keep their jobs.” The Dark Knight Trilogy = almost 3 billion dollars
    Man of steel = 700 million dollars. 1 billion is guaranteed
    “McWeeny reports that the biggest one might be swapping Justice League Part One for the first Ben Affleck Batman film.” and this sentence just proves this guy is a moron. a movie which has not even the S of a Script is supposed to be swapped by a movie that is 4 months in Pre-production, parts of the movie already filmed back-to-back with Batman v Superman and a few weeks before filming is schefuled to start?? MORON -_-

    • Remember the scene in I Am Legend it showed a billboard for batman vs superman then everyone turned into zombies? It’s starting…..

    • Nothing moronic about his comments at all. You may forget that the Dark Knight Trilogy was… a trilogy. I’ll make this really simple for you, but a movie trilogy not only comprises of three films, but it builds of the success of the ones. That success is based not only on box office, but on goodwill. Even if we consider Dawn of Justice the ‘second’ film in a series, Man of Steel was an incredibly divisive film. Audiences may be more wary of another film that is, from all the suggestions we’ve seen, a direction continuation of Superman’s last outing.
      As for them swapping out one film for another, it’s entirely possible. For one thing, Warner’s is trying to build a franchise here, and playing the long game is the smart way to go. If they’re rescheduling, then putting one movie back – pre-production be damned – and moving one forward isn’t a dumb move at all. Release dates are obviously going to be changed anyway, and whole films have even been scrapped completely in the pre-production stage. If footage has been shot for a Justice League movie, all they have to do is ensure that Affleck doesn’t hit the donuts and that they can match up the footage three or four years down the line. Or scrap the footage they’ve shot completely. Like I said, they’re playing the long game.
      No idea if this is anything more than a rumor, but Drew McWeeny has a pretty good record with this stuff. Just because you may desperately want this film to be great, calling someone a ‘moron’ for writing a story that sounds completely believable says more about you that it does about him or his alleged sources.

  2. Ben is the whole reason for the lack of interest jutting his movie out before justice league would only make things worse

  3. I’m incredibly excited to see Affleck as Batman. Batman himself, Kevin Conroy, has given Ben his seal of approval.

    • I’m firmly in the of the “excited to see Ben Affleck as Batman” crowd. Believe it nor not, the guy can act. Have you seen The Town? He acted AND directed; both he AND the movie were incredible. And his performance in the last official BVS trailer was amazing. He’s going to kill it, which is why this film was purposely re-cut to include more Batman.

  4. I’m tired of the heroes must fight each other and have internal conflict
    before we can work together as a team … theme.
    A simple – hey – we are both heroes – let’s work together would be better.

  5. Despite the reviews, I’m looking forward to the movie. However in not happy with Ben Affleck being cat as batman. Affleck is not a good actor at all.

  6. I don’t think they have anything to worry about. The movie is definitely not going to bomb. It will do well.

  7. A true Batman fan doesn’t give a shit who plays Batman! I’ve watched Clooney even still become a good Batman! So just stop with the Ben bashing and be a true fan!!

  8. Mcweeny has been wrong on so many occasions. He comes from the school of ain’t it cool news, and we all know how they are over there. (Crap, crap, crap, crap, aah, now that I like).

    Mcweeny even made a claim that deadpool would bomb when it was greenlit in 2014, saying r rated superheroes will not work and nobody will want to see this.

    The guy has a hard on for all things Disney, hence the bad press he is doing for all of WB DC films.

  9. Snyder should be the first to go. I’m optimistic for the film, but that’s the superman in me. I’ve been very disappointed with the trailers and lack of superman dialogue. I’m hoping there is more Clark Kent in this movie. The last Superman was all about the action and did not have any heart. Not to mention Supes killing Zod. Superman should be about him being the last son of Krypton. Alone and isolated on a planet where is the most powerful person yet still remains good. Superman is more about being Clark than about being Superman.

  10. Warner Bros./ DC Comics took my joy for this movie away with poor casting and the dry and dark direction in New 52 fashion. Please restore and return the DC Universe and make a good movie.

  11. Snyder gave audiences a horrible reboot of the two Reeves epics.For starters it polarized fans and general moviegoers with crap expository dialogue delivered by an excellent cast that were not given characterization whatsoever. Snyder shines during action sequences (and really,isn’t that last trailer amazing by giving us the first time Batman has ever been shown fighting without a stiff cowl). Forget about Zod’s death, the Hulk smash destruction, the many plot-holes,Christ messianic pretension, and realize the film just failed most at providing us interesting characters. I mean, even kids were f#####g bored by it’s rank stupidity. Make Superman “dark” all you want, but don’t be a pussy by not giving a decent actor like Henry Cavill something to say. He spoke for like 5 whole minutes! The rest was a tedious slog of morose people on a planet you end hoping just blows up along with Krypton. I mean how do you f### up Michael Shannon. Snyder somehow managed to make him a boring,loud-mouthed idiot that spouted lines that might have been rejected from “The Phantom Menace” crossed with “Thundaar the Barbarian” …. Notice how McWeeney doesn’t mention any of the actors playing the JLA. If Snyder can’t figure out basic secondary characters, (Amy Adams was the only one remotely allowed a performance) then what chance is there for a DC Universe? Not much. It’s really sad . Snyder should be thrown into the Phantom Zone for hack crimes against films.

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