Who Should Play Cable in Deadpool 2?

Who should be Cable?

Well… apparently saying Deadpool was a huge smash is a massive understatement. Racking in $135 million domestically, it shattered box office records and reestablished Ryan Reynolds as a leading man. It was funny, violent and action packed… but now, it’s time to look forward.

For those who braved their way through the credits, you were treated with a bonus clip. Deadpool doing his best Ferris Bueller impression, while laying out a spoiler for the already approved follow-up: CABLE WILL BE IN IT!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise since Cable has become one of Deadpool’s most popular frenemies. So, let’s try to answer another question: who should play Cable? Wouldn’t you know it; below is a list of five candidates I think should take on the role of the time traveling telepath.


1. Stephen Lang.

Well, he looks perfect for the role, so… ok. Done deal, right? We’re finished here.

Who should be Cable??
There’s our Cable!

Despite looking just like Nathan Summers, Lang has something else going for him; he already wants the role. Now, not everyone gets what they want, but with Deadpool 2 I’m willing to make an exception. Ryan Reynolds fought for years to get Deadpool made the correct way. He even took on the role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine just to play Wade Wilson and that performance sparked many jokes throughout Deadpool.

By bringing in Lang, you are getting someone who wants this role. From his one memorable appearance in Avatar, he was gritty and could kick some ass which sounds perfect when casting Cable. With the combination of passion for the role and the look and feel of the character, it’s almost too perfect to pass up. Deadpool was made by people who wanted to get the character right, and with Lang you’re are welcoming another person who will make sure the sequel gets its due diligence.

2. Mel Gibson

If you stayed after the credits, Wade Wilson threw out a bunch of names for a possible Cable. One of those name drops was Mel Gibson. After a quick laugh, you have to think… wouldn’t Gibson be perfect? Mel once was one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, but has since fallen hard times (completely self-inflicted). A role like Cable could be just what he needs to get his career back on track.

Gibson could take a page from another Hollywood star… Robert Downey Jr. RDJ put his problems behind him and turned Iron Man into a billion dollar franchise, while kick-starting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now if Gibson were to board Deadpool 2, his impact would most likely not have the same impact as Downey. But it could lead to Lethal Weapon 5… and that’s something everyone should support (expect for Danny Glover… he’s getting too old for that s**t).

3. HHH/John Cena/Another WWE Superstar

Did I lose you? Are you still reading, or instead did you throw your computer against the wall in anger? If your heads didn’t explode already then let me explain myself. Wrestlers turned actors are becoming a thing. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be the biggest action star in the world. Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre) proved Hollywood has room for more than one pro-wrestler-turned-actor. So if you’re Deadpool 2, why not get ahead of this movement and bring in someone like Triple H or John Cena?

They both already look like comic book characters come to life. If you get John Cena, here’s a guy who is already an internet meme sensation and can throw in some comedy (he was in Trainwreck). As for HHH, there’s a guy who already worked with Ryan Reynolds (remember Blade Trinity?). There’s some familiarity there already and with his gritty voice, he could be a solid choice to bring Cable to life.

4. Jon Hamm

There are many opinions on who should play Cable. However, if one person should have a say in the matter, it might as well be Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld. In a twitter post last month, Liefeld said his dream actor… was Jon Hamm.

Who Should Play Cable In Deadpool 2?
Mad Mutants, or Mad Men???

You can’t argue it… nor should you. After his portrayal of Don Draper in Mad Men, Hamm established himself as one of the premier drama actors around. Then he added to it with funny performances on Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids and 30 Rock. Then man can literally do anything… so why not let him play a time traveling mutant? The role of Cable needs gravitas (yes for Hamm), but also needs to play off the comedic antics of Reynolds (yes times two). Should any casting call be created for Nathan Summers, Jon Hamm’s name should be somewhere at the top of that list.

5. Nathan Fillion

Listen, he’s going to keep coming up as a possibility for every superhero role until he actually gets cast as one. Plus, he and Morena Baccarin could make tons of Firefly references… which I could get behind.

So that’s the list I came up with. Do you think anyone else would be a perfect Cable? Let us know below with who you think should should don the techno-organic eye.