Justice League Vs Teen Titans Trailer: Robin Vs Superman!


It seems like everybody is butting ends these days – it is like the comic book world suddenly decided to turn into mountain goats! Captain America versus Iron Man, Batman versus Superman, Charlotte versus Becky Lynch …there’s no end to it. You know what you probably didn’t expect to see though? The Justice League vs Teen Titans! Wait, what? Is that even a fair fight? Apparently it is! The above clip features the mightiest DC heroes facing off against their adolescent counterparts. With Trigun taking over the likes of Superman, Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman how will the Teen Titans respond that doesn’t result in them being grounded or getting their video game privileges revoked?

DC Animation is usually pretty good and from the looks of it, we will get a chance to see Damien Wayne Robin take on Superman…because apparently he has a way of dealing with him! I certainly didn’t think I was going to write that this morning. Damien Robin taking on Superman…and that somehow being a thing. Hopefully this means that we will be seeing a return of the Teen Titans television show cough Young Justice cough.