Kevin Feige Teases All-New, All-Different Phase 4 MCU

Kevin Feige Teases All New, All Different Phase 4 MCU

Marvel Phase 3 is nearing its endgame. When the end-credits roll for Marvel’s Inhumans, the third phase of Marvel’s cinematic narrative says its tearful goodbyes and steps pleasantly to one side, allowing for the brave, the unique, and the new Phase 4 MCU to grow strange but familiar fruit. Wait, is this the end of everything we’ve come to know, love, and salivate over in pre-programmed responses as every new tidbit related to our beloved, Marvel cinematic cast bled resplendently and repeatedly through Twitter and Facebook?? Allow Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, to assuage our anxieties. Is it the end? Absolutely not. Is it a new beginning featuring newer characters guiding us through previously unexplored reaches of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Oh, yes.

I think you look at comics as a guide,” Kevin Feige told Entertainment Weekly in their latest issue. “I think there will be a finality to moments of Phase Three, as well as new beginnings that will mark a different, a very different, a distinctively different chapter in what will someday be a complete first saga made up of three phases.”

Yes, it seems the introduction of new characters during Marvel’s Phase 3 was all part of the plan, according to Feige. That’s somewhat intentional to go and explore the other aspects [of the universe].” Marvel Phase 3 was purposed to bind and resolve a narrative, and introduce more characters allowing for a newer vanguard of heroes to guide us through the much larger MCU.

With contracts running out for select actors currently entrenched in the MCU (recasting??), and newer heroes taking center stage, it appears Marvel’s forthcoming host of Phase 4 films might be a moderately different cinematic animal.

What say you? Excited for Marvel Phase 4??

Will we see roles recast, and therefore fewer instances of those roles pervading the canvas of Phase 4?

And just what the HELL is actually going to make up Marvel’s Phase 4? Guardians of the Galaxy 3? Sequels to Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel??

Hit me up with some of your necessary opinion-speak below!


  1. I think that’s why so many “new avengers” are being cast,eg scarlet witch, black panther, falcon, ant man, war machine etc…because they wanna move past the big guns and make movies with the lesser characters…which personally I’m not fussed about, but hey, they may be good, I just love the dynamic of iron man,cap, thor, Hulk, black widow & hawkeye

  2. Phase 4 can take us to outer space full-time! Captain Marvel 2, Nova, Warlock, and Inhumans 2 with Guardians of the Galaxy 3 becoming the tent pole movie that was The Avengers. Ala Antman, they end Phase 4 with Black Panther 2 or Dr Strange 2 (whichever is more popular) to roll us back into Avengers centric storylines.

    • I am ALL FOR IT! But when they circle back around to Avengers-centric stories, I hope the group still has a few of the ‘original actors’ left to reprise their roles.

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