The Leading Suspects in the Justice League Trailer Heist


Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment graced us with another Justice League trailer at Comic Con.

It was the talk of the con and DC arguably “won” the convention with it. While a lot of people noticed a much lighter tone compared to the first trailer, something really stuck with me after I viewed it: in the very beginning, the robbers’ faces were obscured, which means only one thing: there will be a surprise cameo by a villain. How can I be so sure? Because of it was a no-name villain, there would be zero effort to hide his face. Take a look.

“Nothing to see here!” Photo Credit: Warner Brothers
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers
The Leading Suspects in the Justice League Trailer Heist
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at who the robber(s) might be in the very beginning of the latest Justice League trailer.

The Joker (Jared Leto)

“I’ve got some unfinished business with the bat.” Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

Why: Is Justice League the perfect narrative vehicle to facilitate Joker’s return to the DCEU? Absolutely. Last time we saw the Joker, he was helping his main squeeze Harley Quinn break out of Belle Reve at the very end of Suicide Squad.

It looks like this takes place in a museum, possibly the same one Diana Prince curates. Maybe the Joker and Harley decide to take an international trip to Paris and commit a few crimes between eating croissants and visiting Pont de l’Archevêché. Bank robberies and museum heists are the Joker’s bread and butter, so the clown prince of crime is completely in his element.

Also, take notice of the people around the gunman; they aren’t just afraid, they’re terrified. Who else could strike an immediate, frenzy-inducing fear? Nobody else but the Joker, that’s who.

The Penguin (supposedly Josh Gad)

Why: Josh Gad (Pixels, Beauty and the Beast) posted a few suspicious tweets these past few months. First, Gad tweeted an image of the Penguin on his official Twitter account. No explanation. No nothing.

Also, Gad tweeted a photo of himself at DC headquarters holding a copy of Batman Adventures # 1, featuring the Penguin on the cover. This was a little bit before the reshoots for Justice League began, so this can absolutely give WB time to write in a scene introducing the owner of the Iceberg Lounge.

The coat on the mysterious gunman is also big. Know who else wears big coats? The Penguin. Alfred also mentions something to Bruce about “exploding penguins.” Was that an offhanded remark, or a reference a recent occurrence?

Who is the mysterious gang/criminal mastermind/gunman? Share your list of suspects in the comment section below!