Help Me Compile My List of Deadpool’s Funniest Movie Moments!

Funniest Deadpool Movie Moments

I FINALLY SAW DEADPOOL! I REALLY, REALLY LIKED IT! A LOT! It made me laugh! It made me cry! But more importantly, it made me laugh so hard I cried through the laughter of my cry-filled laughter! WHAT?? Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I’m still gifted by lingering, gracious guffaws! Now, I really need your help here; because there were SO MANY funny moments – and I’ve only seen it once –  I’m having a  very hard time organizing the bits that really kicked me in the crotch…er…uh…tickled my funny crotch…er, bone. Tickled my funny bone. Anyway, I have a few ideas (listed below) but I’m kind of tired, a little hungover, and basically, I really want you to do my work for me. Yes, I’m asking you to please help me compile my list of Deadpool’s funniest movie moments! Here are a few of those previously mentioned ideas to get us started!

Oh, and before you continue reading, you need to realize that the points listed below, and the ones added by our readership in the comments (below the below), will definitely be weighted by overly dense, grossly unstable, chemically communicable spoiler material.

Deadpool Breaks a Bone Every Time He Strikes Colossus

Furious that his distracting argument with Colossus leads to Ajax’s escape, Deadpool forgoes reason and takes a few shots at the X-Men’s reflective, organically armored titan. The result? The severe breakage of several bones leading to an immobile, nearly amorphous Deadpool.

Deadpool Receives Sexual Stimulation from a Stuffed Unicorn.

Through one of the more brilliantly applied flashback sequences, Deadpool “accidentally” lands on an unintended, somewhat inappropriate historical moment: the “handling of his business” with the titillating assistance of a stuffed Unicorn. Hmmmm.

Vanessa Carlysle Calls a Brutish Suitor, “Fat Gandalf.”

When Wade and Vanessa meet for the first time, they quip a bit and trade some terrible, seemingly exaggerated truths regarding their uniquely traumatic upbringings. In the midst of this, an older, rounder, bearded fellow touches Vanessa inappropriately. Vanessa’s response is to grab said bearded suitor by the monkey nuggets and call him a “fat Gandalf.” HAH! Not sure why I found this especially pleasing, but…but…HAH!

Okay, so those were 3 scenes from the Deadpool movie that I found to be especially hilarious. Now, dear readers, it’s up to you to help me continue and compile my list of Deadpool’s funniest movie moments!

Go! And thanks! And go!


  1. Nobody really laughed at this in the showings I went to in the UK but the Meredith Baxter Burney doing a cleveland steamer I found hilarious. I know her from Family Ties and the South Park Chef Aid song “Tonight is Right for Love”

    There’s the bit right before he saws his arm off and says which Xavier are they seeing, Stewart or McAvoy and how he cant keep track of the timelines

    The going down on his girlfriend with Vampire teeth for Halloween

    and his little hand growing back

  2. I found the parts where he kept insisting on calling Ajax, Francis were really great. And when he kept his promise and spelled it out for him. And generally when he talked to the Audience. Oh, and the part with Colossus and Angel, where Colossus is all blustered because her boob popped out. That sweet voice she uses, whereafter she punts him cracked me up. And the recurring “Hello Kitty” theme he has going.

    It was a riot from start to end, so it’s a bit hard finding all the good parts, when all the good parts were the movie.

    And the After Credits scene 😀 Oh, how i loved it. And the credits for that matter.

  3. The little hand growing back softly touching Blind Al’s face is THE BEST! Then he says “it’s gonna feel so big in this hand!” Hahaha!!! But I think I laughed hardest at Deadpool kicking and punching Colossus and braking his bones lol!!

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