Deadpool’s Response to the SNL Petition: R-Rated Kanye West Parody

Ryan Reynolds responds to SNL petition

So, people reeeeally, really want Deadpool – the actual character – to host Saturday Night Live. Not only do they want it, they’re being awfully proactive about making it a riveting reality with the assistance of an online petition. And why do people want Deadpool to host SNL? Firstly, he’s genuinely funny, and secondly, SNL usually isn’t. With all the hoopla surrounding the petition (the goal is 75,000 signatures, the current number is 68,302), Ryan Reynolds tweeted a Deadpool-style rant reminding us of Deadpool’s superior influence, given in percentages, over paradigm shifting, historical luminaries. Listen, enjoy, and ask the kids to leave the room. Wait…you might want to consider reordering those suggestions. Anyway, enjoy Deadpool’s response to the SNL petition!

If you’ve been successfully avoiding anything to do with Kanye West, I understand and appreciate your diligence. However, if you accidentally keyed in to his latest, laughable goings-on, you’re painfully aware of his backstage, ego-fueled meltdown during last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. His nonsensical jerk-talk went on to include his apparent influential superiority (measured by the absolutely quantifiable amount of 50%) over the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Picasso. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds also happened to be paying attention, and discerned his Deadpool-flavored rant directly from Kanye’s stupefying proclamation of deluded self-importance. Sure, there are some changes for the sake of humor, but this Deadpool diatribe is very, very close to the recorded, Kanye West breakdown.

Here are a few of those especially entertaining changes:

“I’m 50% more influential than MC Hammer, Apostle Judas Iscariot, the KIA Sorento.”
“10% more influential than Barbara Bush, The Muppets, Bob Newhart.”
“7% less influential than the Urban Dictionary. Don’t F##K WITH ME!”

YAY! Deadpool!

And you really need to equip yourself with something from our line of Deadpool merchandise while proclaiming your 32.7% influential superiority over LEGOS, Captain Planet, Underdog, flax seed, organic ketchup, Vehicle Voltron, Jonah Hex, and Seth Rogan.