New FULL Batman v Superman Trailer!


It just aired on Jimmy Kimmel! The new FULL Batman v Superman trailer just aired on Jimmy Kimmel! It was brilliant, fantastic, awe-inspiring and just a little too much for my usually tolerant and unusually calloused psyche to handle! There it is, in all its glory! The greatest conflict in any and all genres made manifest!! It’s Batman v Superman and I’m having …tr….having tr….trouble….I’M HAVING TROUBLE TYPING BECAUSE MY BRAIN IS ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMED! AAAH!

At 3 minutes long we have Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meeting under more civil circumstances, though their conversation becomes noticeably heated. And who’s there to formalize the introduction? Why, it’s an especially enigmatic Lex Luthor!

We have Batman determined to face a power he doesn’t trust or understand regardless of the personal risks. A mere mortal tangoing with Superman? That, my friends, is tantamount to suicide (a point Alfred was very clear in making).

And now..DOOMSDAY! AAAHHH! This looks bad, especially for Batman due to the giant wave of fiery destruction headed his way, but…wait for it…THE WAVE IS DEFLECTED! BATMAN LIVES! His savior?  Wonder Woman! AAAHHHHH! Where does she come from? With whom does her allegiance lie? WHO CARES! AAAHHHHH!

The new full Batman v Superman trailer is here! AAAHHHH!

What did you think? Wait..we’ll let you process it. Now, what did you think? Let us know below!



  1. Is it me or did they just give away the whole movie? The trailers leading up to this one played up the BvsS theme and now we see Bats and Supes crack jokes as WW gets introduced. This is confusing. We’re getting DK Returns theme mixed with a battle against Doomsday and a Lex Luthor that’s feels like the Joker. I had high hopes for this one but this latest trailer is somewhat deflating.

  2. What Weenson says. As awesome as this looks, I’m betting WW appears in the last 30 minutes of the movie only to have a quick 3v1 fight with doomsday plus aftermath with some open ends to allow for another movie. Feels like the whole movie was given away.

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