New Wolverine Movie to Get R Rating??

Will Wolverine 3 Be Rated R?

Let the R-Rated wake caused by Deadpool continue to crest throughout the X-Men universe. With a plethora of mutant movies on the horizon, it was only a matter of time before one of those films incorporated adult themes…and it seems to be starting with the new Wolverine movie.

Wolverine will be R-rated

This picture allegedly comes from a pamphlet handed out at the 2016 New York Toy Fair. Right next to another Maze Runner sequel is a column dedicated to the upcoming Wolverine film (Wolverine 3 I’m guessing?). What we learned from the handout is that the movie is planning to be released March 3, 2017. Then right at the bottom… something unexpected. An anticipated rating of… R.

This should be considered shocking. Wolverine is the premier character in the 20th Century Fox Marvel universe. Hugh Jackman already has six outings as the adamantium-clawed hero under his belt, and that doesn’t include his cameo in First Class. The character sells merchandise and his costume is popular among kids every year. The fact that Fox is willing to alienate it’s younger viewers with an R-rating is surprising.

Now this isn’t the first time Wolverine dabbled with adult themes. When 2013’s The Wolverine was released on Blu-ray, it debuted the “Unleashed” version (it’s worth the viewing). The unrated cut featured slightly more blood and violence… and really nothing else. I guess now 20th Century Fox is ready to up the ante.

This news is all thanks to Deadpool. With a $135 million dollar box office domination, it has opened the door for studios to take bigger chances when it comes to sex, violence and language. Considering that Wade Wilson’s first solo outing is being received better than Logan’s X-Men Origins debacle, it’s easy to see why Fox is copying that formula.

Still, it’s shocking that 20th Century Fox would entrust Wolverine with carrying the R-rated baton. With a rumored X-Force movie coming, or even the impending Gambit flick, these characters seemed more fitting candidates for the studio to gamble with a raised rating.

In the end, this is a great thing for comic book movie fans. The Wolverine director James Mangold (who is returning for Logan’s third solo outing) and Hugh Jackman both mentioned how the Old Man Logan storyline could play into the plot. By giving the movie’s creator more liberties with an R-rating, it could finally give fans the bloody good Wolverine movie we’ve all been waiting for.