Star Wars and Lego: Taking Over the Galaxy


Star Wars is a franchise that won’t stop until it has taken over the universe. From movies and television to toys, clothing and theme park attractions, there’s nothing that can seemingly stop it. So it should come as no surprise that this year’s New York Toy Fair seemed to focus primarily on two of the world’s biggest brands: Star Wars… and LEGO.

The two combined for the biggest reactions at this weekend’s events after they unveiled sets that will be hitting store shelves this year. However, not everything was present. Anything related to the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was absent from the Toy Fair. So, while any spoilers for the upcoming Star Wars spin-off were hidden, that didn’t stop LEGO from showing off other new items designed for future projects.

The main pieces give us our first look at what we will be seeing in The Freemaker Adventures. The LEGO/Star Wars animated show was announced last week and will soon be coming to Disney XD (following in the footsteps of Star Wars Rebels). Finally, thanks to CNET, we are getting look at the main ship that will be in the show.

Star Wars And Lego: Taking Over The Galaxy
It’s the Star Scavenger!

That’s the Star Scavenger; the junk salvaging vessel of the Freemaker family. We also get the names of the crew. They include parents Zander and Kordi and the youngest Rowan (who is probably the one who develops a connection to the Force). Alongside the Freemakers is their refurbished battle droid R0-GR… (Roger, Roger).

Also, we are getting a look at the antagonists of the show. Naare, a red lightsaber-wielding foe who travels around in the Eclipse Fighter.

Star Wars And Lego: Taking Over The Galaxy
It’s the Eclipse Fighter!

Both sets will be released when the show hits the airwaves. They are also moderately priced (considering the price of The Force Awakens sets); the Star Scavenger will go for $50, while the smaller Eclipse Fighter will sell for $30.

Finally, if you’re in need of a LEGO/Star Wars fix and you can’t wait until The Freemaker Adventures, then you’re in luck. This week, Disney XD debuted a new series of shorts titled LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises. The first episode surrounding a Poe Dameron rescue mission is available to watch now (see above!). The clip probably gives us an idea of what to expect from The Freemaker Adventures in terms of comedy and action.

With new sets and new shows, any Star Wars brick-head will be able to keep themselves occupied for a thousand parsecs.