Nightcrawler on X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse

Kodi Smit-McPhee, best known for his role in the apocalyptic The Road, spoke with JoBlo about his new role in X-Men: Apocalypse as fan-favorite Nightcrawler. I guess Kodi is awfully comfortable in ruined-world scenarios, isn’t he? Joking aside, Kodi gave us some insight on what we can expect from the teleporting mutant. “I believe we kind of get to see the side of Nightcrawler that we love so much in the comics. The more vulnerable, swashbuckling, joyous, random, personality that we love, but also so grounded in his faith at a young age as well, as we went with the choice to still have the designs. So, it’s a mix of ideas, but uh, something that I believe is pretty faithful to what the fans enjoy and, um, something that I can kind of relate to as well, so…” Nice! We definitely could use some swashbuckling in our X-Men movies!

Nightcrawler Kodi then expounded on whether or not he looked to Alan Cummings original portrayal of the teleporter in X2 to which he replied, “A lot of people would ask if we looked to their performance for any inspiration, but I think the beauty in it was being able to refer to the Marvel Universe itself and what fans love so much about the characters and being able to bring back the younger versions of them, I think it’s a great place to expand to and actually you’re going backwards, so that’s pretty cool.”

Finishing up, Kodi then spoke on the character arc that we can expect to see during Apocalypse. “I’m sure Nightcrawler, he’s kind of scared of his own shadow at this point, so he’s probably pretty terrified. Through everything he does in this movie it’s kind of, as we say, the stepping-stones of becoming the brave hero he is.”