Original Star Trek Crew Watches Star Trek Beyond Trailer!


The original Star Trek crew ran afoul of the new Star Trek Beyond trailer during their 5 year mission to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, new civilizations, and…to disintegrate movie trailers sent from an alternate future (past?) where the crew’s exploits were the stuff of science fiction entertainment! Wait. WHAT??? I just made this more complicated than it needs to be.

Look, just check out the video above as the original Star Trek crew reacts to the new Star Trek Beyond trailer with curiously calm, but sometimes jarring expressions of bewilderment, concern, shock, awe, and utter dismay. I believe it’s at this point – in a state of utter dismay –  the Star Trek Beyond trailer induces the instinctive threat response within our intrepid, original crew with extremely loud noises and bright, exploding flashes. After this, the Captain has no choice but to defend the Enterprise and her crew from a startling curiosity now turned deadly threat! AHH!

Will the original crew of the USS Enterprise survive a deluge of lens flares and incendiary rap/rock anthems performed by the Beastie Boys? Watch the video!

Debuting on July 22, 2016, Star Trek Beyond stars Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Commander Spock, Karl Urban as LCDR Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Simon Pegg as LCDR Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, John Cho as LT Hikaru Sulu, Zoe Saldana as LT Nyota Uhura, Anton Yelchin as Ensign Pavel Chekov, Idris Elba as the film’s villain, and Sofia Boutella as a highly skilled practitioner of space-born martial arts!