Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

2017’s shaping up to be a big year for movies, and the same can be said for the superhero movie genre. Thing is, with so many coming out, there are bound to be some negatives along with the positives. Since we have some time before the forthcoming deluge of superhero movies hits, we’re able to take a thorough look at the films’ magnificent merits, or seriously assailable shortcomings.

So, let’s speculate, elucidate, and painfully pontificate while opining the potential pros and cons of 2017’s superhero movies!


Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

Pros: Being that this is Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine, we can expect him to go out with a bang! This is also going to be rated-R, something that Wolverine fans have wanted for a long time. Also, taking inspiration from the Old Man Logan story, we’ll get amazing action derived from a seminal Wolverine tale! And, we finally get a movie with X-23. How cool is that?

Cons: Since Old Man Logan has a lot of characters Fox can’t use, Logan could face a bit of a challenge. The trick is, Logan will have to be an adaptation of the original story, while being its own thing. That could prove to be difficult, and if not handled properly, the movie could possibly suffer from that.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

Pros: All the characters we loved from the first one are back, with a few new additions to boot! Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 also promises to reveal more about Star-Lord’s heritage as we get to meet his father. We can also expect tons of amazing space-battles, weird aliens, and a new “Awesome Mix” to enjoy! And, do I even need to convince you how cute Baby Groot is?

Cons: To be honest, trying to think of ways this could  go wrong is pretty hard. But, if I had to take one guess, it would be retreading familiar ground. We all know how amazing the first GotG was; some could say it was like catching lightning in a bottle! So, the only conceivable way this movie might falter is to provide more of the same. Which might be the movie’s biggest crime considering how unique the first one was!

Wonder Woman

Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

Pros: This is actually a pretty big movie for DC, and not only because it’s the first solo Wonder Woman movie. It will also be the first superhero movie to have a female lead in a long time. Wonder Woman has fantastic visuals and promises intense action, and features what looks like a decent cast and interesting setting. If played right, this could be a step in the right direction for DC!

Cons: What could be a big comeback for DC, could also become another failure. Remember, this is the last movie we’re getting before Justice League and we’ve only really had one movie to build it up. If it doesn’t find the right balance, it could end up being unfocused and that could hurt the film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

Pros: Following Civil War, Homecoming will give fans exactly what they’ve been asking for: Spider-Man playing a part in the MCU! Tom Holland returns as Spider-Man, Michael Keaton stars as the Vulture, and even Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., is back to further the father/mentor relationship instigated in Civil War. How could you not call that an all-star cast? We’ll get to see this new take on the classic in a universe he was always meant to be part of!

Cons: Trouble is, after holding the record for the fastest movie reboots in history, people could be getting tired of Spider-Man. Between the five previous movies, it’s hard to touch on parts of Spidey’s history that haven’t been touched on before. With that in mind, the question is where they want to take the character for the MCU. Do they want to redo some of those previous ideas or go in a completely different direction? And while Michael Keaton is a great choice for Vulture, my hope is that he makes the character his own, since Vulture was never a popular villain.

After all the struggling to get the webhead back to Marvel, it’d be a shame if this fell through. Luckily, Homecoming has promised to forego the origin, so that’s already a step in the right direction!

Thor: Ragnarok

Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

Pros: Ending yet another Marvel trilogy, we’ll see the god of thunder take on the goddess of death, Hela! We’re also going to see returning characters, including fan-favorite Loki and new ones like Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster! If that wasn’t enough for you, we’re also getting the Hulk along for the ride! What else could anyone ask for?

Cons: While the first Thor movie was well received, Thor: The Dark World felt like the weakest of the Marvel films. So, we’re wondering if Thor: Ragnarok can make up for past mistakes, while delivering a solid finish. With a lot of new elements from Thor’s history being implemented, it’s got a lot of potential. There’s also the hope that every character gets the focus they need rather than giving it all to Loki!

Justice League

Predicting the Pros and Cons of 2017’s Superhero Movies

Pros: Well this is what the DCEU has been building towards for a while, so we’re hoping it pays off. This will be the first time we ever see the Justice League in theaters, so to say this will be a big movie for DC would be an understatement! With a great cast of heroes, who we’re dying to see on the big screen, we can expect the same great action that usually comes with DC movies!

Cons: Ever since Batman V Superman, DC’s been trying to catch up to Marvel’s success. The constant buildup for this film could be why most of their movies have been criticized for being unfocused. So, the hope is for Justice League to buck the trend, but a few problems could stand in the way.

Given how little time we’ve spent with most of the heroes, an ample amount of time is necessary in order to properly flesh them out. That could end up taking time away from the story, which could be trouble. If not handled right, it could suffer from the same problems weighing down previous DCEU films.

But their biggest obstacle would be overcoming a direct comparison to The Avengers. Since that movie’s now the quintessential superhero team film, they would have to make JL unique while perfecting that formula. To put it simply, that would also be very difficult to do! What’s worse is, if this movie fails, it could completely ruin any remaining potential the DCEU might have. And that’s an extremely scary thought!

What 2017 superhero movie of are you most excited/worried about? Let me know below!