Release Dates Confirmed for Justice League and Wonder Woman!


Just 2 days after revealing official Justice League concept art, which you can see by following this link to the Dawn of the Justice League promotional poster (you’re welcome), Warner Brothers recently granted us the official release dates for DC’s Justice League and Wonder Woman!

Firstly, if you’re keeping count/track/a handy checklist, Wonder Woman and Justice League will be the fourth and fifth films in the newly sprouting but quickly propagating Expanded DC Movie Universe, prefaced by 2013’s Man of Steel, and 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

DC’s Wonder Woman will be a historical piece, placing the titular character against the revelry-free backdrop of World War I and providing an essential backstory leading to her appearance in Batman v Superman. Justice League Part One will feature a (hopefully) more amicable Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman, and additional helpful heroes (and Justice League legends) Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash! Following Justice League Part One, The Flash and Aquaman will make their solo, theatrical debuts in 2018! In 2019 we’ll be graced with Shazam, and Justice League Part Two. What does 2020 hold? Why, Cyborg and a Ryan Reynolds-free Green Lantern! Yay and WHEW!

Now, let’s circle back around to the purpose of this article: getting you those release dates recently spewed from the official mouth of Warner Brothers’ press machine.

Wonder Woman will hit theaters June 23, 2017, and Justice League Part One will debut later that year on November 17.

2017: The Year of….Potatoes? Carrots? Raspberry preserves? No, silly! It’s the ‘Year of Justice!’ I just totally coined that phrase. Nope, you can’t have it.

Wait, just to be sure…It’s the ‘Year of Justice’ ©®™!

Yay! Justice League and Wonder Woman! Check it out!