Simon Kinberg Says More Fantastic Four Still on the Way

Josh Trank's Fantastic Four

So much for Marvel getting Spider-Man and Fantastic Four back! FOX Producer Simon Kinberg has made some comments regarding the sorry state of reception of the last Fantastic Four movie. The story? Apparently, they know what went wrong but it looks like there will be more Fantastic Four! I’m starting to think that the series is cursed…we’ve gotten three Fantastic Four movies and none of them were very good. Honestly, I just caught this movie the other day and you could definitely see that there were moments where the new Fantastic Four movie could have been really good…but alas, we all know how that went!

“I don’t think that there is, in any movie that doesn’t work, a single decision that is the reason that that movie doesn’t work,” Simon Kinberg stated. “I think that there were many decisions we made along the way that led to a movie that people didn’t like and to a movie that I would do differently next time. I think the biggest takeaway for me, the tone of the movie, while really interesting and ambitious, ran counter to the DNA of the source material. I think the source material of Fantastic Four is bright, optimistic, poppy in tone. There’s a sort of plucky spirit to those characters, and we made a darker, sort of body-horror kind of version of Fantastic Four, which again as I say it now sounds really interesting and cerebrally ambitious, but isn’t necessarily Fantastic Four.” That sounds awfully diplomatic of him, eh?

Kinberg then elaborated that he was up for using the cast from Trank’s Fantastic Four. “It’s a big part of [Fox’s superhero] plan going forward.… I would love to continue making movies with that cast.” Yowzah. So I guess we are now moving into the phase where we can reboot movies with the exact same cast like we’ll be getting with more Fantastic Four! I guess that makes sense considering the most recent news from DC, right? Fantastic Four stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell, Reg E. Cathey.