Superherostuff’s $9 T-Shirt Sale!

Superherostuff's $9 T-Shirt Sale!

Look, damn it! We just put over 300 t-shirts on sale for a paltry, measly, insignificant sum of nine (9) g-darn dollars! And NO, I don’t mean you’re getting a total of 300+ shirts in a grain silo for $9, I mean EACH, SINGULAR, INDIVIDUAL t-shirt is a measly, paltry, insignificant $9. Yup, it’s our patented, trademarked™, copyrighted©, $9 T-Shirt Sale™©, and you can start thanking us….NOW!

So, what’s part of the $9 T-Shirt Sale™©? Glad you asked; we’re offering this financially crippling discount on men’s superhero t-shirts, women’s superhero t-shirts, kid’s superhero t-shirts, and specifically tailored superhero t-shirts for gnomes, gremlins, griffins, goblins and talking Pegasi (UPDATE: we’re currently sold out of $9 superhero t-shirts for gremlins, griffins, goblins and talking Pegasi).

Oh, and it’s also worth mentioning that we’re discounting non-t-shirts as well. WHAT?? YES! We’re reducing the price on socks, hats, beanies, slippers, suspenders, belts, loungepants,…and several other accessory-types and wearable what-have-yous.

Salivating at the promise of HUGE savings? Ready to buy more t-shirts than you could ever possibly need, but just enough to cease the incessant desire for unnecessary purchases until Christmas? Good. Click below and SAVE YOUR @$$ OFF!

Superherostuff's $9 T-Shirt Sale!
Superherostuff’s $9 T-Shirt Sale! CLICK AND SAVE!

Did you click? No? Well, I have no more pertinent information to share with you, so as funny as I am, you’re spending your time on the promise of forthcoming wit. Sorry, but I have nothing more to give. CLICK! SAVE!