Kevin Smith Hosts DC Special ‘Dawn of the Justice League’ Tonight!

Mallrats Batman

Got some time to kill before CW’s The Flash? Well I guess you are in luck! Tonight will see Kevin Smith host DC Films Present: Dawn of the Justice League which is a quick little show featuring the future plans of DC and WB! What sort of things will we get a chance to see? Well, Kevin Smith took to his podcast Fatman on Batman to discuss such things! Hooray!

“They show footage, new footage of Batman v Superman. They show footage from the Wonder Woman movie that they’re shooting right now, which includes shots of Wonder Woman in action doing some s**t you’ve never seen before. Then the whole f**king thing wraps up with the debut of the Suicide Squad trailer.” New footage for Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad? We better all set our DVRs!

On top of that, Smith elaborated a bit more on DC Comics’ Task Force X (Suicide Squad) and the new footage we will be seeing. “I think this is their Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s going to be a sneak f**king stealth hit.” And to think we almost saw a film written by Kevin Smith, directed by Tim Burton, and staring Nicholas Cage 10-odd some years ago! At least Kevin Smith is coaching his real life friend Ben Affleck on what it means to be the Dark Knight!