Stan Lee Explains Deadpool’s Popularity

Stan Lee explains Deadpool's Popularity

What makes Deadpool so popular? Is it his sweet costume? Is it his endearing personality? Is it his capacity for destruction and violence? It looks like Stan Lee has decided to explain Deadpool’s popularity in a way that only ‘Stan-The-Man’ could! I wonder if his cameo in Deadpool helps to explain why Stan Lee feels that way about Deadpool’s popularity, hmm? Taking to Twitter, this short clip breaks it down for us!

“The thing about Deadpool I think that makes him so widely loved by fans everywhere is he’s like a real person. He’s not like some fictional hero,” said Stan Lee. “He talks the way regular people talk, he thinks the same way. He’s as disrespectful as most people are. You never know what he’ll say or do next. He’s like the guy you wish lived next door to you and would be your best friend because it would always be a lot of fun being with him. And there’d always be a lot of unexpected surprises.”

Deadpool's popularity!
Aww, Deadpool! You are both cute, funny, and sad! That’s about right, no?

Certainly a simple and coherent answer to explain Deadpool’s popularity. Who would have thought a character that can address the 4th wall would prove to be so interesting and enduring. Created in 1991 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool was originally a paraody or DC Comics’ Deathstroke but he quickly took on his own persona! Foul-mouthed and nigh unkillable, Deadpool has proven to be one of the most loved new characters of the past 20 or 30 years…up there with Harley Quinn would be my guess!

Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, Gina Carano, T.J. Miller, Leslie Uggams and Brianna Hildebrand.