Star Trek Beyond Hitting Theaters Later Than Planned

Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond Moves…Beyond (*cough-cough*) its Initial Release Date!

Star Trek Beyond was set to hit theaters July 8, 2016 but recent news released by Paramount Pictures stated the motion picture won’t hit the big screen until July 22, 2016.

For us fans, this 2 week delay isn’t too bad but it does put the film up against, Knights of the Roundtable and Ice Age: Collision Course. Knights of the Roundtable does have some A-listers in its rank: Jude Law, Eric Bana and David Beckham. Ice Age: Collision Course is another installment to the hit animated series of films. The only question now is, will this affect its box office debut?

What we do know is that Star Trek Beyond is hitting theaters about a month (and some change) before the franchise’s 50th Anniversary on September 8th! Our guess is, us Trekkies will already be pumped up for that and will rush to the theaters.

And of course, Star Trek Beyond has some noteworthy actors as well: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana just to name a few.

What do you think of this date change? How well do you think Star Trek Beyond will match up against the competition?