Super-Nerd Max Landis Hates The Force Awakens!


Chronicle and American Alien scribe Max Landis has taken to Youtube to air his grievances against the runaway ultra-mega smash hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What does this video entail? Apparently, Max Landis is not a fan of the character of Rey and has several issues with the arc of a couple of characters. Known for his unchecked passion regarding all things nerdy, Max Landis has a series of videos totally worth watching; I suggest watching his take on The Death of Superman, also on Youtube. You’ll see a ton of actors playing some of your favorite DC Comics’ characters in poorly made costumes! Elijah Woods as Cyborg Superman? Sign me up!

Any-who, the above video should definitely not be watched by anybody who hasn’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He definitely goes over some spoilers and you definitely don’t want any of that. Do his comments have merit? Should we consider Rey a ‘Mary Sue’, a literary term for somebody that is ‘totally overpowered’ (not a literary term)? What did you think of the movie? With a take of over 600 million, I’d say most people enjoyed it! Max Landis also wrote American Ultra so I guess we all make mistakes from time to time, right? That may have been a little low…(laughs evilly).


  1. I can tell you that “Mary Sue” is a sexist term, and I don’t buy it. People are often afraid of powerful women. No one gets angry that Captain Kirk or Superman are “Gary Stu”s. It only seems to make the news when it’s a woman. I don’t put any stock into what Max Landis has to say.

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