The Fan-Made Animated ‘Logan’ Trailer You Have to Watch

The Fan-Made Animated 'Logan' Trailer You Have to Watch
100% ‘man-made.’

Has there ever been a time where you felt like you wanted to laugh at something inappropriately? That was my exact reaction upon watching Youtuber Philystreak’s mashup video for the new Logan movie. Using clips from both the 90s X-Men cartoon and X-Men: Evolution, this is the fan-made Logan trailer you have to watch!

Of course, you want to laugh when you see the animation – cartoons are meant to be funny. And let’s be honest, the 90s animation makes it hard for anything to be taken seriously. Still, it’s a little difficult to laugh whenever Johnny Cash’s Hurt starts playing; I wanted to laugh, cry, and close the video. Despite all of that, it is a spectacular piece of visual art. This Youtuber managed to splice together the appropriate clips to coincide with the conversations from the upcoming movie. And, in a way, made the trailer even sadder, because who doesn’t get a little sad during bouts of nostalgic lamenting.

What makes this video work is the fact that it seems to fit so well with the live-action Logan trailer. From the tombstones of fallen X-Men (which, seeing as it’s a cartoon, reminds us that not everything we watched as kids was appropriate for us), to seeing X-23 — it fits well. No matter what you think about this, it is incredibly creative and 100% worth the watch.

Be sure to check out Philystreak’s Youtube channel – cartoon/live-action mashups seem to be his thing.