Tom Hiddleston: Tired of Loki?!?!


Speaking with MTV News, Marvel’s Cinematic God of Mischief begins to let some doubts out regarding his portrayal of arguably the best Marvel cinematic universe villain yet. While promoting his latest film, Crimson Peak, Tom Hiddleston shows some apprehension when asked about playing Loki!

“I never quite know whether people want to see him again or whether people want to move on… I can’t really take the temperature on it. I would try not to repeat myself. I would try to do something new. I never want to feel like I’m retreading the same steps. I guess it’s like any actor who plays a character over and over again. I wonder what it’s like for the guys who play the Avengers!” Say it ain’t so, Loki! Is he just being humble and not realize that he is a massive fan favorite or is this coded actor-talk for, ‘I could use a bit more money, ya know?’ All I know is that should Marvel lose Tom Hiddleston as Loki there will be tons of people with broken hearts! Heck, Loki is the primary motivation for seeing Thor 3!

Tom Hiddleston speaks on Loki
Heavy is the Head, no?

Would you want to see another actor play Loki or do you think Marvel absolutely needs Hiddleston? Let us know below!


  1. Uhh, we need Hiddleston!!! He made Loki sooo much cooler than he EVER was! If he leaves the Marvel universe I would be broken-hearted! I probably wouldn’t be that excited about any new Thor movies either.

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