Why Did Tony Recruit Spider-Man Over Daredevil? Civil War Writers Respond!

Why Did Tony Recruit Spider-Man Over Daredevil? Civil War Writers Respond!

So, you’re very aware that Tony Stark sought out the fledgling Spider-Man in order to properly augment Team Iron Man in an effort to handily supplant the rogue Captain America and his equally boisterous Avengers faction. But…why? Why would Tony Stark, who has his finger on the pulse of newly occurring super-humanity, choose a certain, incredibly young, New York-stationed super-character over someone a bit more seasoned, a bit more mature, and also residing in the same locale? And yes, I’m referring to Daredevil who, according to rumors, catches himself uttering nearly incomprehensible legalese. So, why did Tony recruit Spider-Man over Daredevil? Our friends at IGN asked Civil War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely in the following video interview. Their response?

“I think he [Tony] has been keeping tabs on the world, and he knows about this one kid,” said Markus. “I think in some ways there’s a motivation having been accused of killing a young kid earlier in the movie to, ‘Maybe I can rebuild karmically some of what I’ve lost by helping this kid along.’ And [Spider-Man’s] there and he’s available and [Tony’s] desperate.

McFeely added, “He probably sees some of himself in this kid. You meet this kid and he’s clearly a budding scientist but doesn’t have the resources Tony Stark does.”

For the full exchange, check out the video below. But be warned: there is a slightly spoilery bit or two that might  upset you if you haven’t seem the film. So…you’ve been warned. Again.