Two New Deadpool Trailers Are HERE!


Yep, you read it right; two new Deadpool trailers were recently released when we were only truly deserving of one! The first one, above, is the the more ‘family-friendly’ green band trailer showing Deadpool sharing his story with an unsuspecting cab driver. This story, of course, details Wade’s transformation into Deadpool (fortunately for us, he preferred that to terminal cancer), the reason behind his ostensible foray into super-heroics (rescuing the girl from an evil, unscrupulous doctor/scientist-person) and copious amounts of violence littered with raunchy, irreverent humor. Oh, and this aforementioned violence also featured Colossus and Negasonic Warhead. One is imposing, immovable and mostly unemotive. The other is…probably tweeting.

The second trailer (above) is the ‘NSFW’, expletive-saturated red band trailer with additional scenes of especially gruesome violence littered with the aforementioned, excessive slathering of naughty poop-talk. When Deadpool utters the line, “It’s time to make the f*cking chimichangas,” you know the Deadpool movie is made especially for fanatical lovers of the f-bomb. YAY!

Deadpool hits theaters 2/12/2016! YAY, Deadpool!