Warcraft Trailer


I guess we are lucky we didn’t see any Blood Elves, right? I kid, I kid…not really. You damn Horde need to stay home and/or in the Barrens where you belong! Ack, sorry about that. It’s been quite some time since I’ve played World of Warcraft and old hatreds die hard, you know?

The above video is the brand spanking new clip featuring Warcraft. Chances are, most people never played the first Warcraft so people are probably pretty hazy on the details. If you played WoW, you got a bit of that in the Black Morass instance! Speaking of, didn’t anybody see Medivh in there? Hopefully he’s in the movie…and perhaps some references to the Burning Legion…and people not being prepared. I’m sure we will be getting some of that with the Demon Hunter expansion coming out later this year! Will this be the first video game movie to raise the bar? Will Uwe Boll finally quit movies? Hopefully we actually see a good video game movie for once. I haven’t been pleased with a video game movie since Super Mario Brothers and that was the dark and gritty reboot that was 20 years too early.  Warcraft comes out this June!