What If Star Wars Was an R-Rated Grindhouse Film??


So, that’s not a question one usually asks him or herself, unless he or she recently watched Quentin Tarantino’s grindhouse film tribute, aptly named Grindhouse. After watching said grindhouse tribute, one might feel the urge to look back at the innumerable, hyper-violent, sexually graphic, belligerently exploitative films being churned out incessantly during the 1970s to get a feel for Tarantino’s inspiration. Ok, so now that you’re aware of what a grindhouse film looks like, let’s apply those very same lo-fi, low-quality, lowbrow attributes to something far too pure to be considered grindhouse fodder- Star Wars. AHH! NO!

Yes, let’s apply grainy, scratchy film; quick, haphazard, disjointed editing; a funky horn-layered soundtrack, and themes of unbridled violence, revenge and forbidden lust to the immaculate, pristine Star Wars mythos. Yup.

And not only does this film – the latest from Mashable’s Watercooler series of original short films – dip Star Wars kicking and screaming into the toxic grindhouse vat, it lets it soak, suckle and roast until Star Wars is slathered in a juicy, broken, discordant, saturated grindhouse glaze. MMMMM!

The opening narration over jumping edits and crackling film cells just…just sells it.

“He’s known as Skywalker. They destroyed his home. His family, killed. Now, revenge is a dish best served…IN SPACE!

Oh, and Darth Vader’s referred to as an evil galactic sorcerer. YES!