Who Is Doctor Fate? Get to Know This Casting Call Character From Black Adam


Doctor Fate has been confirmed as a character in the Black Adam movie, and they’re currently putting out a casting call for him. We can’t help but wonder what will be in store for us with this magical character, so while we’re waiting for news, here’s what you should know about Doctor Fate!

While Kent Nelson was out on an archaeological dig with his father, they stumbled upon an ancient immortal who was named Nabu. They were able to release the magical entity from his sleep, unfortunately, this led to the death of Kent’s father—so Nabu took Kent under his wing and trained him as a warrior. Of course, the immortal entity had his own agenda for training Kent—Nabu wanted to use Nelson as a host body so that he would fight as his champion (an agent of order).

In a sense, Nabu spiritually possesses Kent. Whoever puts on the Helmet of Fate can be controlled by Nabu, and it’s how he channels his power into his vessel. This then enables the host to perform a wide range of supernatural abilities like healing people, creating energy constructs, forming magical barriers, and even resurrecting the dead.


Now, this all seems like huge perks for the vessel, but being an Agent of Order actually takes a great toll on the body. These powers come at such great cost that sometimes, Nabu can completely overtake the host. While it may seem like a good deal at the beginning, the whole thing actually has a lot of strings attached.


In general, Doctor Fate actually uses his power to maintain the cosmic balance of everything. Just like the Green Lantern rings, the Helmet of Fate chooses different wearers over the years. But perhaps the most important thing to know about Doctor Fate is that he helped found the Justice Society of America, and because we know that the JSA will feature prominently in the Black Adam movie, the creators will most likely stay true to this fact from the comics. As a founding member of the JSA, Doctor Fate acted as a supernatural adviser—of course, he was also a warrior since his superpowers really pack quite a punch.


It will be interesting to see just how this dynamic will play out in the Black Adam movie. Some iterations of Doctor Fate even show him as an actual doctor or a med student—what could the movie’s version be? It will also be interesting to see how Kent Nelson will struggle with gaining control against Nabu under the Helmet of Fate.


What do you think is in store for us when it comes to Doctor Fate’s background in the Black Adam movie?  We are definitely excited to find out! It would also be pretty refreshing to see all of these magical elements come to life in a live-action film much like what Marvel did with Doctor Strange. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!