Arrow and the Canaries: Will It End?

CW's Green Arrow

Oh, that Oliver Queen…such a lady killer! No, seriously…keep them off your boat…and from fighting crime with you…or hanging out with the League of Assassins. You know what, Mr. Arrow? Just stay away from the fairer sex. Last season’s development of the polarizing Felicity/Oliver relationship has made Oliver’s relationships a bit more complicated, but as comic book readers know, we can see where this is headed and that’s Green Arrow with Black Canary (Laurel).

In the most recent TV Guide (people still read those things), Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle said, “[Laurel’s] journey this year is tied a lot to her sister. We’re excited because the series started with the whole triangle of Oliver and Sara and Laurel. And with Sara coming back and then moving on to go on her own journey, we have the potential to change the dynamic there in a really positive way for Laurel. [We] kind of put the past to rest.”

Arrow's Felicity
‘When do I get to be a Canary?’

So I guess we will finally see that whole love triangle come to a conclusion but…um…what about Felicity? I guess she’s going to run into some trouble at some point this season, eh?