Ash Vs Evil Dead First 4 Minutes (NSFW)


So, Halloween is fast approaching and those of us lucky enough to have the premium network Starz will be able to enjoy a treat…and hopefully not a trick! Starting this Saturday at 9pm EST, Starz will unleash upon us the likes of Ash Vs Evil Dead which will see the highly vaunted Bruce Campbell return to his iconic roll as the shotgun/chainsaw wielding ‘hero’, Ash!

Above, you can see the first four minutes of Ash Vs Evil Dead and it certainly looks good. Do you think it is keeping with the original Sam Raimi films? There is certainly a level of ‘camp’ involved here but I feel like it has been somewhat upgraded for the 21st Century…but I could be mistaken!  I mean, he lives in a camper-thing, wears a girdle that may have doubled as an implement for torture during the Spanish Inquisition, and hits on women, with measured success, using the always effectual, “I lost my hand attempting to stop a speeding train from completely mincing the back of an 8 year old boy,” pick-up line. Okay, that wasn’t the exact line he used, but I’m not currently in stenographer mode, so I’m paraphrasing a bit. Summing up the entirety of this 4 minute trailer, we’re thinking the moral of the story here is: be careful who you buy a drink for!

So, will Ash prevail against the Evil Dead? Will he lose another appendage, provoking the need for another chainsaw extension, or will he keep his remaining five digits in all their fleshy splendor?

Find out this Saturday night at 9pm when the Starz network debuts Ash Vs Evil Dead! Oh, and let us know your thoughts below!