Of Baby Laster Tags and Pandemic Parallels: Looking Forward to The Boys Season 2


Season 2 of The Boys premieres on Amazon on Sept. 4, and to help with all the hype, we’ve got a handful of stuff you can look forward to until then!

  1. A twisted baby laser tag AR Game


Plenty of companies release really cool promos to hype up the fans before a new release, and this time, Amazon proves that it really knows its audience. Made in the style of an “infomercial”, their baby laser tag game even got its own promo within a promo, all to keep you excited about an infant with heat vision.


What are we talking about? Why, Baby Laser Tag, of course! The “commercial” of the mobile game tie-in to the show is in reference to when Billy Butcher used a super baby’s heat vision to fend off bad guys while investigating Vought International in the first season. Available for iOS and Android, the AR game itself lets you use a similarly laser-eyed infant to survive a Vought facility against The Seven. Nothing like using a baby as a weapon to really drive the point home for Season 2, don’t you think?


2.  An interesting Starlight and Butcher dynamic


Showrunner Eric Kripke teased a different kind of team-up this season, with Starlight and Butcher taking center stage as a new unlikely pair.


“I thought the Butcher/Becca relationship is really heartbreaking this year. I think it reveals like a lot of pain in Butcher that I don’t think we were expecting. But we also had some really, part of the fun of having a show go a couple seasons, is you can just start playing the game of like, ‘What an unexpected pairing.’ And then make it happen, just for an episode or so,” he says. “So we put Starlight and Butcher together for that reason. We put them on a mission together because those two hate each other. And we also put Starlight with Mother’s Milk for an episode, which is a really interesting pairing. So, you know, part of it is just mixing it up and playing with who goes with who, and you get some really interesting scenes out of that.”


3.  The Boys and the state of the world today


Kripke also mentioned that the show will include plenty of not-so-subtle references and parallels to how the world—particularly the United States—is handling the pandemic. “We’re all news junkies and, you know, in Season 2, in the United States, the travel ban was happening and getting people really scared about this fictitious caravan that was coming to our southern border in Mexico,” he says. “So, we ended up with a season that’s a lot about xenophobia, and how authority figures rile up people and make them afraid in order to control them.”

There are also some really cool posters that the show’s official Twitter account showed off last month, which are just too awesome not to share. Needless to say, we’re pretty much hyped as hyped can get! How about you guys?