BD Wong Shows Off Gotham’s Hugo Strange


I guess while he’s not playing God with dinosaurs he’ll be playing God with Gotham’s inmates! BD Wong, probably most famously known as the lead geneticist from the Jurassic Park, has shared an image of himself as the famous Batman villain, Dr. Hugo Strange! Hugo Strange is one of the few characters to ever deduce Batman’s true identity and can be a serious psychological threat. The Penguin will be staying at Hugo Strange’s asylum so I wonder what will happen. This is probably that part where the Penguin gets transformed into Danny DeVito, right?

Fear the chinstrap!
Fear the chinstrap!

Looks to be a pretty faithful adaptation, wouldn’t you say? BD Wong teased, ““What [he] is doing in there is indeed very, very bad. Imagine the worst thing someone might do. Then multiply that by 10!” Ah, too bad it doesn’t go to eleven, right? Or perhaps they are saving that for the Joker since they constantly tease him! Gotham returns to the airwaves on February 29th at 8pm EST and if you are looking for some Batman gear, check out here! I wonder if we will see Hugo Strange psycho-analyzing some raptors? It will be the Jurassic World-Gotham mashup you didn’t even know you needed! Perhaps they can make that expansion for one of the Arkham games…probably too late for Arkham City come to think of it.