The First Official Trailer from Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender!


FORM BLAZING SWORD! You remember Voltron, right? The 80s cartoon featuring a giant, magical/scientific marvel (translation: incredibly powerful robot) created from a combination of five, color-coded (stay with me) robot-lions piloted by a team of adventurous astronauts? Yes? Good, because that saves me from rehashing the history of an imported, Japanese series originally titled Beast King GoLion, featuring the aforementioned color-coded lions, the adventurous astronauts, and the giant super-robot formed from said lions. Anyway, it was great, and watching Voltron split giant ‘Robeasts’ in twain at the end of every episode, immediately after generating a massive, two-handed sword from the ether, was….glorious. But alas, like all things too glorious and too good for America’s youth (like Pop Rocks and Nerds candy), the dependable, daily showings of Volton: Defender of the Universe simply ceased to be. But fear not, lamenting Voltron fans, and hold on to your Robeast (which is not – in any way – a euphemism for genitalia), because Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defenders is coming to the popular streaming channel this June! Don’t  believe me? Then look up! It’s the first official trailer! ENJOY!

Yes, thanks to DreamWorks Animation and Netflix, it looks like we’ll be getting a quality Voltron series. Remember that last one? Ugh, that was painful to watch.

So, what’s the exact date the series is available for streaming? That would be June 10th.